About COMIGHT Technology

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Pepper Spray Filling & Packing

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Metal Parts Processing

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PCB Surface Mounting

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Optics Testing & Inspection

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Ballistic Helmet Production

Who We Are

Founded in 1993, COMIGHT Technology is a renowned company with over 300 employees. We are one of the largest manufacturer (OBM/ODM/OEM factory), supplier & wholsaler in China who provide dependable and innovative non-lethal weapons, knives & tools, tactical optics, firearm parts & accessories, body armor, combat & duty gear for military, police, security, self-defense and outdoor use.

Our Merits

We have a world-class knowledge base, unparalleled design expertise, extensive manufacturing capacity, credible upstream business partners and adequate commercial experience, which enable us to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and the needs of military, police/law enforcement, security, self-defense and outdoor industries worldwide.

Our Mission

We are passionately committed to working with our customers and helping them fulfill their business goals. High quality, ultimate reliability and unmatched performance have always been hallmarks of COMIGHT Technology.