Our History

1993 – COMIGHT Technology was founded, manufacturing batons, stun guns, pepper sprays and other law enforcement equipment.
1998 – We started to manufacture body armors, tactical apparel and gear for police and military use.
2004 – We extended our business to the international market, and began to establish long-term partnership with oversea customers.
2010 – We set foot in the electro-optics market, manufacturing dazzlers, gun sights, laser rangefinders, night vision and thermal imaging devices.

Our Mission

As a long-standing manufacturer and supplier with proud technological advantages and commercial experience, we are passionately committed to providing dependable and innovative military, police, law enforcement, security, self-defense, outdoor gear and equipment of the highest quality to our customers, who rely upon us to safeguard their lives, enhance their tactical performance and enjoy their ourdoor recreation.

Factory Tour