Where can I find your product catalog and price list?2018-11-19T08:20:43+00:00

Our product catalog and price list are open to public. Click HERE to download. Please be advised that all information in this catalog and price list is for reference only, not guaranteed to be absolutely accurate, and is subject to change without prior notice. When you are to place an order, please make sure to firstly contact our sales department.

Do you offer free samples?2018-11-23T09:08:39+00:00

We don’t offer free samples. However, We have a “Sample Fee Refund” policy as follows:
1) if any samples are not as described or defective, we will refund you for the corresponding samples;
2) if you place a bulky purchase order whose total price exceeds 100 times the sample fee within 3 months after receipt of the samples, we can deduct the sample fee from the total price of such order at your request. Please kindly note that it’s your responsibility to actively apply for the sample fee refund when you place the bulky purchase order, or such refund will not come into effect.

What’s the turn around time for shipping of your products?2018-11-23T09:12:56+00:00

It depends. Normally, we will ship the products within 15 Chinese business days after payment confirmation, or as contracted otherwise. If the quantity is low, we prefer international express service like DHL, and the shipment time is about 5-7 days. If the quantity is high, we might ship by air/sea/land, and the shipment time is about 15-30 days. Please kindly note these numbers are optimistic estimates in common conditions; they will vary by the transportation distance, and do not count the delay incurred by the customs of the destination country.

Do you provide OBM, ODM and OEM production services?2018-11-23T09:11:54+00:00

Yes. In fact, OBM, ODM and OEM production services are a big part of our business. We have provided thousands of OBM, ODM and OEM products for our commercial partners all over the world.

Will you support me for a tender/bid in my country?2018-07-25T13:23:45+00:00

Yes, but our involvement will depend on several factors.
1. Prior commitments.
2. Availability of clear requirements.
3. Book of business with government entities and contact level(s).
4. Finances – If bid bonds and/or other sureties are involved, whether the agent’s company will guarantee all deposits and securities.
5. What services the agent will provide and at what cost.

How to order your products?2018-07-18T15:53:14+00:00

1. Provide us with a detailed list of the products to be ordered(model, quantity), the buyer’s/consignee’s name, transportation method(air/sea/land: the destination port; express: the delivery address) and phone number.
2. We will provide the quotation of your order. After you make the final decision, we will send you a proforma invoice as the order acknowledgment.
3. You fulfill the payment by T/T, L/C or PayPal as agreed, and send us the proof of payment.
4. After we confirm the payment, we will ship the commodities to your designated destination.

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