FBF-J-23 Anti-riot Suit

//FBF-J-23 Anti-riot Suit
FBF-J-23 Anti-riot Suit2017-12-15T10:44:27+00:00

Project Description

Lighter, better air permeability than regular anti-riot suits, comfortable to wear
Easy to fold and carry
High flexibility: the wearer can jump, kneel, run, squat, bend and rotate easily
Excellent protection against the attack of blunt and sharp objects
Material: EVA + steel
Size: 165~190cm universal, customizable
Protection Area(m2): chest, abdomen and groin >=0.10, back >=0.105, arms >=0.185, legs and feet >=0.32
Structure connection strength: buckles >=500N, Velcro >=7.0N/cm2, straps >=2000N
Impact resistance: 120J kinetic energy
Strike resistance: 100J kinetic energy
Puncture resistance: >=20J kinetic energy
Flame resistance: after flame time<10s
Weight: 5kg