GTS-T20 Two-Way Alarm Steering Wheel Lock

//GTS-T20 Two-Way Alarm Steering Wheel Lock
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Project Description

Product Name: GTS-T20 Two-Way Alarm Steering Wheel Lock
Material: hardened alloy steel + plastic
Function: alarm remotely sent to pager, 150 dB siren and LED strobe
Lock Cylinder: DISC
Radio Transmission Distance: 3 km/10,000 ft (in open space)
Standby Time: up to 200 days
Power: AA alkaline batteries
Working Temperature: – 40 ~ + 85 degrees Celsius
Net Size: 416 x 181 x 99 mm
Net Weight: 1800 g (without battery)
Ordinary alkaline batteries powered, installation free
Double-safe alarm mechanism: when the car is bumped, towed, or touched by an unauthorized person, the alarm will be sent to the pager immediately to notify the car owner, and meanwhile the 150 dB siren and the strong LED strobe light will go off as an effective deterrence
Made of hardened alloy steel, shearing/sawing/hammering resistant
DISC lock cylinder, prying/drilling resistant
20 kV high voltage electric shock resistant
Waterproof, corrosion resistant
Cracking resistant, immune to most decoders and duplicators
Super long radio transmission distance up to 3 km/10,000 ft
Super long standby time up to 200 days
Radio signal strength display