RM580/581/583 Gen 3 Night Vision Gun Scope

//RM580/581/583 Gen 3 Night Vision Gun Scope
RM580/581/583 Gen 3 Night Vision Gun Scope2018-10-20T17:36:43+00:00

Project Description

Gen 3 IIT
High-transmittance optics
Long eye relief
Precise tactical windage/elevation adjustment
Mountable on a variety of weapons
Shockproof under heavy recoil
Light weight
US Military standard, FOM>=1250

Model: RM580/581/583
Image intensifier tube: Gen 3
Resolution(lp/mm): 57-64
Magnification(x): 4.4/6/3
Signal to noise: 16-18
Field of view(degree): 12/10/12
Objective lens diameter(mm): 70/85/50
Range of focus(m): 10-infinity
Exit pupil diameter(mm): 5
Eye relief(mm): 46
Diopter adjustment: +3~-4/+3~-4/+5~-5
Windage/elevation adjustment(MOA): “1/4”/”1/2”/”1/4”
Power supply: 3v, 1x CR123A
Battery life(h): 60
Detection range(m): 350/550/350
Figure of merit: >=1250
Operation temperature(Celsius degree): -45~+50
Storage temperature(Celsius degree): -45~+65
Relative humidity: 98%
Dimension(mm): 278x83x70/303x85x84/269x99x87
Weight(g): 1300/1300/1120
Contents of package: night vision gun sight, infrared illuminator, mounting rail, lens cleaning cloth, user manual, carrying case, hard case