Knives & Tools

Folding Pocket Knives

They’ve become a symbol of preparedness, widely regarded as a staple of EDC gear. A good pocket knife can help the user in a surprising number of ways, from everyday tasks like opening packages or prepping a snack to emergency applications such as self-defense or outdoor survival alike. For general use, a folding knife shall be equipped with a locking mechanism, a pocket clip, and a blade that’s around 2.5“ to 3” long.
Thanks to decades of new designs and innovations, pocket knives are as unique and varied as ever with easy-opening mechanisms, ergonomic handles and multiple blades.

Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives, sometimes called straight knives, sheath knives, do not fold or slide, and are usually stronger than folding knives due to the tang and lack of moving parts.
Knife blades can be made from a variety of materials. Carbon steel can be very sharp and hold its edge well, and remains easy to re-sharpen, but is vulnerable to rust and stains. Stainless steel may not able to take quite as sharp an edge as carbon steel, but is highly resistant to corrosion. High carbon, stainless steel is intended to incorporate the better attributes of both. Handle material can also vary greatly and includes many types of wood, antler, bone, horn and synthetics like acrylic and G-10. Sheaths are usually Kydex or leather.
There are many styles to choose from in this section and many uses including combat, camping, self defense, survival, hunting, diving, and bushcraft. It’s not unusual to have one around for EDC carry for utility purposes as well. Some of the most popular styles are the bowie, bayonet, machete, karambit, wakizashi and tanto.


Multi-tools have taken off around the world as an easy-to-carry toolbox. Most multi-tools are made of stainless steel and are plier-based with a variety of pull out tools including screwdrivers, knife blades, files, saws and more. Packed with versatility and capability to tackle any task, multi-tools give the user everything needed for everyday problems big and small. DIY projects at home to hunting, fishing, wilderness survival and more, these multipurpose tools will cover.


Manacles are a full line of restraints comprising chain link handcuffs, hinged handcuffs, leg irons, waist chains and more. They are always made of high-strength materials such as carbon steel, aluminum alloy, or even titanium alloy, to ensure the solidity, which is a must for police officers to get their job done. Modern manacles are much better designed in the locking mechanism, making them more pick-proof.

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