Self-Defense Keychains That Could Save Your Life!

This week for Weapons Wednesday, I tested out some of the most popular self-defense keychains we carry at

Instead of just showing off our different self-defense items, I wanted to give a fair representation of each of them, so I actually tested them out to determine the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Here are the items I test out in this video:

1) UV Dye Pepper Spray:

2) Personal Alarm Stun Gun:

3) Cat Spike Keychain:

4) Cat Self-Defense Keychain:

5) Large Monkey Fist Keychain:

6) Push Dagger Keychain:

7) Shar-Key Self-Defense Keychain:

8) Ribbed Grip Kubotan Keychain:

9) Hidden Knife Kubotan Keyring:

0:00 Intro
0:51 Pepper Spray
3:19 Personal Alarm Stun Gun
5:03 Cat Spike Keychains
10:21 Monkey Fist Keychain
12:40 Push Dagger Keychain
14:33 Shar-Key Self-Defense Keychain
17:28 Kubotan Keychains

Which one do you like the best?