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Welcome to COMIGHT Vision Center!

We have been dedicated to offering high quality eyeglasses at a competitive price to our customers for years. Before placing an order of your prescription eyeglasses, it is strongly recommended that you read the following contents carefully.

1. Get your eyeglasses prescription from an optometrist or an ophthalmologist.
2. Take a photo of your prescription, and make sure these data are available: 1) Sphere/SPH (namely myopic diopter), Cylinder/CYL (namely astigmatic diopter), Axis/AX (only needed if astigmatism exists) of each eye; 2) Pupil Distance/PD.
3. Pick your favorite eyeglasses frame and the lenses from our product list. In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
4. Send an email to our sales department at “” and let us know: 1) the eyeglasses frame and the lenses you have chosen (model/type and color need to be specified clearly); 2) your eyeglasses prescription (send the photo you have taken in the previous step as an attachment); 3) the consignee’s name, delivery address, postal code and phone number.
5. We will respond to you within 3 business days by email, providing an invoice for you to check the order and to fulfill the payment.
6. After we receive the payment, we will fill your eyeglasses prescription and ship it to you within 5 business days.

Please kindly note that:
1. All recommendations on products made by us are for your reference only; any choice shall be made according to your actual demands and the objective conditions.
2. We recommend PayPal for payment. We will choose a reasonable shipment method according to your delivery address.

0 ~ -4.00D: 1.56
-3.00D ~ -6.00D: 1.60/1.61
-4.00D ~ -8.00D: 1.67
-8.00D+: 1.74
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